I think we have let a scientific age of humanism hi-jack the conversation concerning the biblical creation story. We have allowed the world to frame the discussion of origins in terms of “how.” We have willingly entered this arena and engaged in the “how” discussion by fighting in the field of science. 

     Scientific theories are the creeds of secular humanism. Science is the means by which secular humanists feed their hope in man’s ability to conquer all and rise above our humanity. When we go toe-to-toe with humanistic culture armed with science, we may just be involved in a counter-productive endeavor. Even if we were to win the argument over origins, we would have done so in a manner that would feed the secular humanist hope. We would have reinforced the assertion that man is capable of unlocking the greatest mysteries of the universe through scientific rigor. I believe there is a more profound question in the creation story than how. Why? Why would an all-powerful, completely self-sufficient, happy God create? Why does the universe exist? 

     This is really the question that lies beneath the surface of the scientific facade. If secular humanists can prove that a random string of natural events brought the universe and life into existence, then there is no great purpose, no over-arching story that gives life a meaningful context. Man is the pinnacle of authority. If all is the result of random-ness, then the events of our lives are random and each of us are left to do with our lives as we deem best. We are 6.5 billion individuals living 6.5 billion individual stories which in no way contribute to any kind of meta-narrative. We are disconnected entities and then we die. 

     As a result, the great optimism for humanity held by secular humanists has lead us head-long into a great despairing of our humanity. With no shared story by which life may be contextualized, there is no basis for understanding. How can I possibly enter into another person’s story when there are no great themes to connect us? While I may experience pain and you may experience a similar circumstance, my pain is completely unique. My pain occurs in my story. My individual experiences and emotional make-up causes me to feel and respond in my own individual way. You could not possibly understand how this pain feels to me. Likewise, I cannot understand how your pain feels to you. We are all imprisoned by our own individuality. 

     If, however, there is a Creator who created for a purpose, then we have at least one point of connection for understanding. It is then imperative that we seek that purpose and enter into the story of God and humanity.





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