I Have A Dream!

I have a really big dream.  I don’t know how to bring it into reality, but I can’t seem to shake it.  I know.  If God has given me this dream, He will make it happen as I depend on Him.  However, depending upon God is not a passive thing.  The Apostle Paul talked about struggling and working with God’s energy.  In other words, God made things happen through the efforts of Paul.  God works through the works of His people. 


So here’s the dream: (1) a church that pursues doctrinal/theological truth, (2) a church that loves people in missional/incarnational ministry, (3) a church that trains people in both of the above for the multiplication of churches.


Doctrinal/Theological Truth


I believe the primary reason for the stagnation of the church in America is the neglect of deep, spiritual truths.  There are multiple national surveys that indicate American Christians largely lack even a basic knowledge of the Bible.  This cannot continue!  How can the church, which claims that Christianity is about knowing God, continue to survive if it ignores the very source of knowledge of God?  How are we supposed to endure difficulty with our faith intact if we do not seek our hope in the Scriptures.  How do we distinguish ourselves from the world if our worldly mindset is not transformed by God through His Word?  Theology matters!  It matters greatly!


I desperately want Kinesis Church to passionately pursue doctrinal/theological truth.  I want to be part of a church that will not settle for moralistic life-lessons, but longs to know ultimate truths.  Therefore, my dream is for a church that teaches theology from the pulpit, in classes, in homes, and any venue that we can imagine.


Missional/ Incarnational Ministry


Theology is not an end in itself.  It is meant to fuel worship, which is the valuing of God above all things, in all things.  Theology reveals to us a God who is of such supreme value and beauty that He is the ultimate satisfaction of every desire.  It also teaches us about the pervasive blindness of humanity to this truth. 


We see family members, neighbors, and co-workers who are trying everything in this world to satisfy their deepest cravings: sex, materialism, drugs/alcohol, etc.  They need Jesus!  I want to be part of a church that wants nothing more than to see people escape addiction and vain pursuits by coming to know the only true and lasting satisfaction for their souls.  I want to be part of a church that gladly and boldly proclaims the gospel and works for social justice, all for the glory of God.  Therefore, my dream is to train people for missional ministry in their homes, neighborhoods, and workplaces.  I dream of a grass-roots church in which the congregation has the ideas for and carries out the ministry of the church.




Missional Training Center


The big dream is about a church that trains people in theology and mission. I want to see church-planters, pastors, worship leaders, parents, businessmen and women, laborers, teachers, etc., trained to know the Bible and to make Jesus known. Trained people will then start other churches with the same goal.  I don’t want to merely plant a church, I want to see a movement happen.  I want southwest Missouri to love Jesus.  I want the Midwest to love Jesus.  I want the U.S. to love Jesus.  I want the world to love Jesus!


That’s my dream. 


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