This post is simply a rant.  I do not intend to be theological, or even correct.  Just releasing.

The church needs Jesus!  I’m weary of hearing about power plays, and church competition (churches recruiting other church members), and fights over things that are barely even important, much less ultimate.  As I read the Bible, it seems the church is created to display the wisdom of God, to declare the unfathomable news that Jesus died for sinful people, to demonstrate God’s love in loving relationship.  The church has infinitely more important matters to attend to than what instruments and songs are played in “worship.”  The eternal state of people hangs in the balance while we are busy maneuvering to ensure our preferences are protected.  People are struggling with addictions, depression, loneliness, while we paste on our plastic smiles and enjoy a nice time of “fellowship.”  

Christianity is about real people who are really sinful loved by a real God to the extent that He sent the Son to die a real death on a real cross.  His wrath is a reality!  Eternity is closer than any of us thinks.